Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Word on the Streets

I continue to be touched, and truly humbled, by the abundance of emails, facebook posts, text messages, and phone calls I have received from people who have enjoyed and identified with my book. I used to believe that my story was so very isolating. I felt alone. This process has taught me that every experience is part of the "human experience" and that struggle, like triumph, is universal.

I thought I'd share some of what people have said about the book. Some of this is actual reviews of the book. Much of this came in the form of messages to me. Many had to be edited because of the personal nature of the messages, as people poured their hearts out to me. Many messages were honestly too personal to share. But all were heart felt, to be sure. At any rate, here is what the streets are saying about my book.

I enjoyed reading, “A Young Man’s Wisdom.” This book will give hope to many people who have grown up thinking they’ve missed something. I definitely could relate to much of it. My favorite quote from the book: “Life will break you if you let it. Don’t let it.” This book took courage, creativity and insight. You really connect with the reader. Congratulations!
- Dawn, PA

It is truly inspiring how you have risen up from your troubles and become such a talented and successful role model that every man can look up to and respect …… I do believe things happen in our lives for a reason. Your reason has truly been revealed and will inspire all who read it. Thank you for sharing.
- Becky, PA

I just wanted to say what a blessing your book was. I laughed, cried, and remembered my own childhood…….Good luck my brother, although, I suspect you won't need it.
- Kristi, Washington, D.C.

It's really wonderfully written and in such a way that everyone can connect to it. Young, old, boy, girl, White, or Black, anyone can identify. It was so simply told. It was as if I was sitting in front of you having a conversation about your life. You were so open and honest even matter-of-factly at times. You never made the reader feel uncomfortable. I was completely drawn in.
- Kena, CA

I can't put it down!!! You're ripping my heart out and yet the gold you've gained, gleaned from [your] short 35 yrs on this earth is remarkable. It's quite evident that God has you purposed for much.
- Charisse, PA

I read it as soon as I opened it. I could not put it down until I finished it. I truly enjoyed reading it…Your son and other young men will be wiser for the reading. Thank you for sharing your story.
- Jeff, PA

This great little book is packed with powerful lessons about the human experience… It's a fantastic quick read! I definitely recommend it.
- Missy, MI

This should be a staple in every young man's (and young woman's) reading list. Thank you - for writing it, for so generously sharing yourself (and your book!) and for being who you are.
- Dorothy, PA

[A Young Man’s Wisdom] was easy to follow and equally as inspirational for women as it is for men.
- Darra, PA

A Young Man's Wisdom is a poignant and touching memoir that incites self-reflection in the reader, despite gender or race.
- Missy, PA

Seriously, I don't know what to say. I just finished reading your book. Maybe I'm taking it a little too personal, but as I read your lessons and things you’re trying to teach your son, tears fill my eyes, because I realized that those are things I'm trying to teach my son as a woman……. The book is great. It really touched me. I hope [my son’s father] will read it and it [will] have the same effect on him!!!
- Alexis, Pa

It must have taken an extraordinary amount of bravery for the author to be so candid in sharing his life’s journey. I think the book will inspire others who have faced similar struggles.
- John, OH

Halfway done with your book. Literally on the metro teary eyed. I don't know if "good" explains my thoughts... You have a story worth sharing and I'm glad you did.
- Samantha, Washington, D.C.

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