Sunday, May 2, 2010


So I've begun working on my new record. I say that as if I started today. I started writing it months ago. To me, a project doesn't really begin until you think about the end. You know, all the money stuff, and the headaches, and the timelines. Until then it's just writing. I do that for fun. So anyway, I started working on my second album this week. I did the first one so long ago that I had forgotten how much fun it is to make a record. I guess because I don't have a big record label and a bunch of fans to please, it's still fun to make records. I mean, I've got like twelve or so fans, but I'm almost positive I'm related to all of them. So they'll probably cut me some slack if I stray artistically from what they expected after my debut. Still though, it's kinda scary. The repsonse I got from the first one was actually pretty good. It makes for a bit of pressure. You don't want to lose any fans, especially when you have twelve. If you have a million fans and you lose half of them, you still have enough for a gold record. I could live with that. But, to have twelve fans and end up with six. Man that would suck. Then again, I could afford to treat all of my fans to dinner. So I guess that would be cool.

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