Sunday, May 2, 2010


Freedom feels good. That's what I kept thinking all day. People kept asking me why I was smiling so big. (Does the phrase 'happy as a run away slave' mean anything to you?) The workaholic in me wouldn't let me leave that pile of papers sitting on the desk for the next poor soul. But, luckily, the artist in me made provisions so that on Monday it will be some OTHER poor soul. Mine will be at home. In tact. As I walked out of the office, an hour later than scheduled and not a minute too soon, the Emperor, I mean the Executive Director said, "You'll be back. I'll suck you back in."
Perhaps. But today was mine. I handed in my badge and my keys and my company cell and rode off into the sunset. As I faded into the distance, I could hear Paul Simon singin'........"It's been a long long Day"

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