Sunday, May 2, 2010


When I did my first record, four years ago, I did it for me. I had produced a couple of records for some other artists, and I was anxious to make something that I could call my own. I just wanted to make some music. I did it to satisfy my own curiousity about what it would feel like to be the artist. I never thought about how anyone else would react to it; at least not while I was making the music. I didn't even expect for many people to hear it, let alone like it. And further more, I didn't care.

This time is different. After years of doing the day job thing, I've decided to make music my career. I've determined that I'd like nothing more than to make my money by making music. So, this time, people liking that music is pretty darn important. I must say it changes the thought process. I used to say, "I'm not doin' that" every time I'd come across an idea that, while going against my creative instincts, might help sell the music. I equated these notions to "the glitter suit." It's that proverbial sell out move that marks an artist's descent into making money instead of making art.

I've given it some thought. After far too many hours sitting behind someone else's desk or doing some mindless work for very very little money, I've come to this conclusion...........................

I'm getting fitted for my glitter suit tomorrow.

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